Drones under $200

If you are a serious photographer searching for a decent drone for aerial photography, then this review is not for you. However, the sub $200 drones reviewed is ideal for teenagers and photography enthusiasts who want to hone their aerial photography skills, or farmers who want to keep a survey of their livestock. Remember, do not expect the world from these devices. Having said that, some of the models reviewed below might pleasantly surprise you.

Drones under 200

Holy Stone F181W Wifi FPV Drone
Available at less than $125, and with a range of 60m and flying time of 8 minutes, this model is ideal for persons using drones for their first time to learn how to fly them as well as practice new skills. Do not be fooled by its price as it delivers more than promised. This model gives you an insight about how feature rich, safe, and powerful starter drones are getting. It boasts of features like intuitive navigation and HD cameras. Tipping the scales at only 4.9 ounce this beauty boasts of a 720 pixel wide angle camera, advanced moves such as 360º flip, and live FPV viewing.
• Comes ready to fly
• Dual batteries for double flying time
• Easy fly and safety features
• 0.5 megapixel camera
• Works only in mild wind conditions
• Wires get loose easily
• Gets hot quickly
• Choppy live video

Altair 818 Hornet Beginner
Priced at $169.80, this drone is suitable for all ages and contains multiple skill settings. The included 720 pixel camera allows users to take amazing aerial videos and photos. You can operate it through your smartphone too, but that is not essential. It boasts of several flight modes such as headless mode, single button takeoff and landing, attitude mode, and custom route mode. You cannot access the last mode via smartphone. It includes safety features like emergency landing function, out of range alarm, and low battery alert, making it ideal for beginners. Its 120º rubber damping, wide angle camera allows capturing beautiful videos and photos. Expect 15 minutes’ flight on a single charge, which is amazing. ( drones plus – drone for sale review )

• Quite stable
• Easy to control
• Sharp 720 pixels camera
• Smartphone compatible

• Nothing that I could find for such a good drone at such a pocket friendly price

Holy Stone F181C
How much should you expect from a $53.55 drone? Does it contain a camera? Be prepared to be blown away by this midget sized giant that puts other high priced drones to shame. The headless security system and one key return featured helps prevent beginners from losing their drone. The altitude hold function allows users to hover the drone at a specific height post releasing the throttle key, making it easy for them to shoot quality videos and pictures.

• Easy to fly
• Affordable
• Remote control range (50-100 meters) acceptable
• Several accessories, which includes an additional battery

• Long battery charge time (80 minutes)

These are some of the randomly available drones under $200. In fact, we could have included the last one under the sub $100 category, which is ideal for child as this will allow him to get into the world of drones without denting your budget.