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This page gathers Ali Colleen Neff’s Field Recordings (here), Found Audio/Rare Vinyl Finds (here), Field Videos (here),and Photo Galleries (here),from her ethnographic work  in Mississippi, Senegal, North Carolina and elsewhere. Please allow some time for the sound clips and galleries to load, and thanks for your patience:
Field Recordings
Senegalese Sufi Praise Song from Binta Sarr Diop:
A traditional Senegalese woman griot’s praise song from Ami Collé Barry:
A recording of the Muzzein (prayer caller) of the Senegalese Sufi holy city of Touba:
Found Audio/Rare Vinyl Finds
A rip from a rare Mory Kante (Malian) disco record:
A rip from a rare Mbilia Bel (Congo) rumba record:
A purchased studio recording of Senegalese Baay Fall (Sufi) praise singer Sokhna Khady Ba:
Field Videos
Photo Galleries

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