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Dance Party: The Music of Movement

Dance Party: The Music of Movement

This photo essay documents the transformation of a Dakar city street into a spectacle of fashion and dance and a soundscape of traditional drums. On April 4th, 2010, Dancer Maman Diallo celebrated the anniversary of Senegalese national independence with a traditional women's drum and dance party (called a sabar) in her neighborhood of Medina, Dakar.
Meet Toussa, Senegal’s New Woman Rapper

Meet Toussa, Senegal’s New Woman R...

(Musical Clips, Photos, Lyrics) I first saw 18-year-old rapper Toussa perform in May 2009 at her high school end-of-the-year party in the dusty struggling Dakar suburb of Guediawaye, Senegal. I asked her how she would like to be introduced in this entry, her first public piece, and she gave me these words:
Documenting Senegalese Pop Star Oumou Sow

Documenting Senegalese Pop Star Oumou So...

I spent the day yesterday with mblalax (Senegalese pop)-rapper and stage dancer Oumou Sow and her group of male and female dancers, Les Amazones. I thought this would be a great opportunity to both share some of the great photos from my fieldwork with Oumou (many of which are from yesterday's spectacle) and to show you what my exuberant fieldnotes look like after a day's work in the field.
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