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Sufi Movement, Light, Voice at a Senegalese Baay Fall Dahira

Sufi Movement, Light, Voice at a Senegal...

(Field Recording, Photos) The outer workers' and artisinal suburbs of Dakar, Senegal (Banlieue) flicker with firelights each Thursday nights, waving in the Sufi sacred night's shifting air. Standing one one unpaved, lamplit crossroads atop a pile of Senegal's famous fine Sahel dust, one can hear what seems to be an infinite trail of tumbling drums and echoing voices arising from the celebration of Baay Fall (Sufi) praise groups called dahiras.
Documenting Senegalese Pop Star Oumou Sow

Documenting Senegalese Pop Star Oumou So...

I spent the day yesterday with mblalax (Senegalese pop)-rapper and stage dancer Oumou Sow and her group of male and female dancers, Les Amazones. I thought this would be a great opportunity to both share some of the great photos from my fieldwork with Oumou (many of which are from yesterday's spectacle) and to show you what my exuberant fieldnotes look like after a day's work in the field.
Waking up in the Field

Waking up in the Field

There's this kind of magical moment that arises at the seam of my everyday life in graduate school and the start of a new phase of fieldwork. I can hear everything.
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