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Meet Toussa, Senegal’s New Woman Rapper

Meet Toussa, Senegal’s New Woman R...

(Musical Clips, Photos, Lyrics) I first saw 18-year-old rapper Toussa perform in May 2009 at her high school end-of-the-year party in the dusty struggling Dakar suburb of Guediawaye, Senegal. I asked her how she would like to be introduced in this entry, her first public piece, and she gave me these words:
Rhythming Oscar Grant: Oakland Hip-Hop

Rhythming Oscar Grant: Oakland Hip-Hop

Today’s electronica composers, R’n’B soundscapers and skilled/schooled hip-hop practitioners do their best to publicize and trick back on the ruptures in Oakland-of-color’s access to employment, public services and fair housing. They gloss these jagged edges with sound and community, dance and movement, and they overflow the emaciated social structure with musical life
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