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Cephus Williams, storefront owner, here

Pastor and First Lady Anderson of the Healing and Peace Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C., here

Tattoo artist Dibbs, here

Nail artist Bertha Gamble, here

Tattoo Shop owner Nancy Cook, here

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A Sunday service at the Tabernacle, here

Happiness and Holiness in the

Hayti Heritage Shopping Center,

Durham, North Carolina


The Storefront Church

The Healing and Peace Tabernacle of the Church of God in Christ , Durham, NC

The title of this study comes from a sign within the church: "The only business in church is Soul Business." This project asks what Soul Business might look like, and what happens when we attend to the materiality of the creative spirit with which the social space is infused. The storefront church is common throughout the American South and elsewhere, particularly for migrant populations and new ministries. The intersections of spirituality, creativity and community poltical and economic empowerment can be seen in the kinds of spaces the storefront church embodies: spaces of developmental abandonment resurrected by the dilligence and determination of those who seek to gather in the Spirit. The Healing and Peace Tabernacle Church of God in Christ in Durham's Hayti Heritage Shopping Complex is such a church. Raised from a small hotel-room congreation by Pastor and First Lady Charles and Clare T. Anderson, the church now sits in the center of a grassroots effort on the part of the Black Durham community to remain involved in the economic fabric, and to create socioeconomic sustenance from very little through the power of Spirit and creativity. MORE

Grass-Roots Entrepreneurship
In Durham's Hayti Heritage Square Complex and Shopping Center

The storefront space in which the church is located also houses twelve small businesses including tax services, nail salons, a tattoo parlor, hair salons, and lingerie and clothing stores. Although a variety of sacred and profane projects occupy these spaces, each community member involved in this project expresses a committed spirituality and an investment in making his or her artistic and economic dreams a reality through creativity and community.The Hayti District of Durham has been a seat of Black entrepreneurship since the Reconstruction Era, and current residents and busness owners are determined to build an independent economy despite the area's developmental decline. Mr. Cephus Williams, a hair stylist who began leasing this former dollar store building from an independent Hayti real estate company(and kept his lease through a corporate building buyout), has subdivided his section of the development into smaller shops that pool utilities , restrooms, shampoo sinks, and customers. MORE

Storefront Community